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VPS Hosting

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  • 2 GBV1

  • 4 GBV2

  • 8 GBV3

  • 16 GBV4


Awesome for large sites and forums

Memory 8 GB

CPU 4 vCores


Transfer 6 TB

Starting at


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* All virtual server plans are unmanaged

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All VPS Plans Also Include These Benefits:

24/7 Tech Support

We closely monitor our servers 24/7 and are always ready to answer your questions.

NVMe SSD Powered Drives

Our servers use NVMe SSD, which offers 3x the speed of standard SSD to supercharge your VPS!

KVM Virtualization

We use KVM virtualization, which guarantees the resources you are alloted as well as performance.

IPv6 Support

Both IPv4 and IPv6 IP address support is enabled by default and included with every VPS server.

Daily Backup & Restore

Every VPS server is backed up in full daily and can be easily restored from your control panel at any time.

Free DDoS Protection

All HostMantis servers are backed by industry leading DDoS protection to keep you online.

Operating Systems

We offer several Linux distributions and versions to meet your operating system needs.

Versions 7.x/8.x
Version 18.x
Version 10.x
Version 27.x
Install a OS in one simple click.
Reinstall your OS in one simple click.
Upload an ISO and install a custom OS.
Change your OS to a new distro at any time.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Manage Multiple Virtual Servers

When ordering multiple VPS servers, you will be able to manage them all in the same control panel.

Monitor Your VPS Status

Quickly see all of your VPS servers up to the minute statuses.

Start, Stop and Restart

From your VPS control panel, you can easily power on/off and restart your VPS.

Available VPS Addons

Starts at $13.95/month
Starts at FREE !!!
Starts at $14.95/month
Starts at $9.95/month
Starts at $12.95/month
Starts at $5.95/month
* Additional NVMe SSD storage is also available during checkout.

VPS Hosting FAQs

How long does it take to setup my VPS account?

Accounts are setup instantly after successful payment is made and account verification. Most VPS orders are processed within minutes, but typically within 8 hours.

Are your VPS servers reliable like your shared plans?

Yes! We maintain our VPS server nodes in the same manner as our shared hosting servers to ensure top quality, reliability and performance!

Are backups included with my VPS plan?

We perform full daily backups of all the VPS's on our servers daily.

What is your uptime guarantee?

We have a 99.9%+ node uptime guarantee.

Who provides support for my VPS?

HostMantis provides support for the server node only. Your actual VPS server is considered Self Managed, so all administrative tasks are your responsibility.

Is SSH and root access included?

Yes, all VPS plans include SSH and root level access.

Do you allow Adult Content?

Yes, we allow legal adult content on our hosting services.

Is there an limit to how many emails I can send?

Spam and bulk mail are not allowed and will cause your account to be terminated immediately if we find you are knowingly sending spam/bulk mail.