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HostMantis continuously strives to provide the best web hosting services to our clients. The following are just a few friendly responses from our clients:


Am not an It expert, actually a novice. After I tried everything, and couldnt get it to work, they jumped in and did it for me. Would recommend Hm to friends.
Alan M.

I have had 0 downtime with HostMantis. Before I had like 50 hosts and none were like HostMantis. Thank you HostMantis! I also sent a support ticket for something I didn't personally knew how to do, and they actually helped me out.
Andre Y.

I've had no problems since coming to HostMantis, great service, great uptime, Quick Customer Support response time, Great Hosting plans, love the specs you get with every package. In the end it's a truely great host, Hostmantis Ftw!
Dustin M.

I am with them since 3 months and hosting 2 sites and never had single problem with website down or any other. Their support Support is also very great, they always respond me within minutes. So I always recommend them.
Aniket P.

Its only with Hostmantis that I get the immediate support I needed without waiting for another minute. I had been with 3 other web hosting services before and the reason I stick with Hostmantis is their fantastic and first class support service.
Rey A.

Thanks for everything. Am new to HostMantis but so far very happy. Best price and communication for support, even living abroad from the Us. Highly recommended.
Lee G.

I moved from my old host because their servers were becoming very slow. Started the whole search for the best hosting for a little price thing. Ran across HostMantis - found that they had their servers in the Planets network and I used to work with some companies that hosted their servers at the planet, so I knew that their internet connection to the internet was fast. Tested out my first domain and it was rock solid. I don't typically recommend things but from snail crawling to Lightning fast I had to tell someone. Also - every time I've had to contact them they have responded immediately without delay. Thanks HostMantis and look forward to continued Up time!
Scott S.

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